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70s Inspired Boho Retro Outfit

Lately I’ve felt quite drawn to 70s inspired boho outfits. Admittedly, now and then, I love the bohemian style for the free spirit that it conveys. I may have mentioned before that I haven’t...

Sirinya Vintage Portrait B&W (photo@floeriohh) 0

I Wanna be a Free Girl, Baby

Lately I have realized how difficult it is to develop relationships with other people because of my difficult family situation. I know this will be a very personal post expressing what I am going...

Tartan pants and Saerli of Switzerland yellow sweater 2

Vintage Tartan Pattern Love

Lately I have realized how much I love tartan prints and patterns. I think this kind of pattern is very classic and unique. What is more, it has a long tradition and history. Hence,...