Impressionist Vintage Spring Outfit

Today I come to you with an Impressionist vintage inspired outfit for balmy spring days. I think there is a close connection between art, music and fashion style.

Last year I was on a photo walk in my city. The Neustadt in Hamburg has some Venice vibes but also a distinct Impressionist touch. I feel the pictures are impressionistic because of the light colour palette and the moods captured.

Venice Vibes in Hamburg (photo @gillesfotografie)

Venice Vibes in Hamburg (photo @gillesfotografie)

Reflets Dans L’eau

I am a great fan of Debussy. His music is also associated with the Impressionist movement of the mid 19th century.

Claude Debussy: Images (Book 1)- Reflets Dans L’eau

I was instantly reminded of ‘Reflets dans l’eau’ when I saw this picture.

Sirinya Vintage, Reflects dans l'eau (photo @gillesfototografie)

Sirinya Vintage, Reflects dans l’eau (photo @gillesfototografie)

Here I am wearing a 1950s style swing dress by Hell Bunny which I got via TopVintage. It is the Yoko swing dress I suppose. I very much love the subtle Japanese inspired print and the springlike colours. Thus, I adore the predominant mint blue colour.

Sirinya Vintage, Old Hollywood Glam (photo @gillesfotografie)

Sirinya Vintage, Old Hollywood Glam (photo @gillesfotografie)

I combined this dress with my lovely summer straw hat by Firenze Italy. By the way, I thrifted this amazing hat last year at an Oxfam shop. I love the pale yellow roses and the tulle veil. I’ve also combined this hat with the Lisa-Mae dress by The Seamstress of Bloomsbury.

Sirinya Vintage Portrait with True Vintage Hat (photo @gillesfotografie)

Sirinya Vintage Portrait with True Vintage Hat (photo @gillesfotografie)

In fact, I’ve worn this hat quite a lot for photoshootings last year. However, I must admit that in daily life I don’t really wear it. I am still a bit self-conscious when it comes to wearing extravagant hats.

Impressionist Vintage Spring Outfit (photo @gillesfotografie)

Impressionist Vintage Spring Outfit (photo @gillesfotografie)

Afternoon of a Faun

However, I also feel like a faun when wearing this dress! I guess the rich pastel colours brighten my mood. Indeed, I shine and feel as majestic as a faun. Do you know Debussy’s ‘Prelude to the afternoon of a faun’?

Claude Debussy, Prélude à l’Après-midi d’un faune

This expresses exactly how I feel in this outfit. It is just beautiful and perfect!

Vintage Outfit 'Like a Faun' (photo @gillesfotografie)

Vintage Outfit ‘Like a Faun’ (photo @gillesfotografie)

Summing up, I quite enjoy drawing parallels between art, classical music and fashion. I love it when outfits are an reflection of art. What do you think? Please let me know in the comments below!


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