Pretty Retro Shirt Dresses

When I’ve started out building my vintage wardrobe not so long ago, I’ve been particularly on the lookout for versatile staples that can be combined in different ways. The 1940s style shirt dress by Pretty Retro is such a basic and I have this dress in two colours, red and mustard. As you know, I have a colourcrush and I love the statement colours red and yellow.

Sirinya wearing Pretty Retro shirt dress in red

Sirinya Vintage wearing Pretty Retro shirt dress in red (photo @thomas_nordlicht)

Styling the Shirt Dress

The Pretty Retro shirt dress is also quite practical that’s why I love it so much. I like to combine it with a cropped 1950s fashion cardigan like this one by Voodoo Vixen. I think it is also important to wear stylistically matching retro cardigans since most modern ones are just too long. Hence, they don’t create a classic vintage 40s silhouette.

Pretty Retro dress and Voodoo Vixen cardigan

Pretty Retro dress and Voodoo Vixen cardigan (photo @thomas_nordlicht)

I have two cotton cable-knit cardigans by Voodoo Vixen, one in yellow and the other in forest green. I like to wear these with my two Pretty Retro vintage dresses. Of course, you can also combine the dresses with a neutral coloured cardigan like this brown one. I also feel that a red beret adds to the vintage feeling as well as a tartan scarf.

Pretty Retro dress and red beret

Sirinya Vintage wearing Pretty Retro dress, tartan scarf and red beret


What is more, these shirt dresses are perfect for layering. Thus, Sirinya Vintage recommends wearing a dress, a cardigan and a trenchcoat for the perfect spring outfit. Thus, wind, rain and storm cannot bother you! This is the perfect outfit for a walk at the harbour.

Vintage outfit at the harbour

Sirina Vintage’s outfit at the harbour

There are so many options how to combine these dresses. For instance, I also love a monochrome yellow outfit like this one. I like this cheeky look with the matching headband. By the way, yellow has become my favourite colour lately since it is such a mood booster.

Yellow outfit with Pretty Retro mustard dress

Yellow outfit with Pretty Retro mustard dress

Of course you can also wear a red dress with a green cardigan. How about combining this outfit with a true vintage gobelin handbag? This is a vintage treasure that I’ve thrifted last year on a flea market.

Red dress and true vintage gobelin handbag

Red dress and true vintage gobelin handbag

Summing up, I think shirt dresses are very comfortable and versatile. Thus, I recommend these dresses as a wardrobe staple as well as sleeveless dresses. How do you style shirt dresses? Let me know your outfit inspiration the comments below.


Hi there! My name is Sirinya. I'm a passionate vintage blogger and I love to share with you my vintage fashion inspirations. I've started my journey into vintage about a year ago and I am still in the process of building a vintage inspired wardrobe. I also share a lot of style inspo on Instagram.

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