Vintage Fashion: A Life Changer?

Last night I was thinking about this: how fashion might change your life. I’ve heard and read from many other vintage bloggers that dressing retro has completely changed their life, for the better of course. For instance Madame Rhos said in an interview that dressing vintage was like a ‘clearance kick’ and liberation for her. I’ve always found it quite fascinating what people can do with fashion and how it can also change their self-concept and direction in life.

Me personally, I am still struggling in many areas of my life. I just want to be honest. In fact, I don’t really know where to begin telling my story. To me fashion is a means that might help me give my life another direction. I haven’t really been into vintage fashion for a long time. About a year ago, I’ve slowly started looking for and incorporating true vintage and vintage reproduction pieces like dresses and a few blouses into my wardrobe.

Sirinya Vintage Profile with Hat (photo @Vintage Fashion: A Way Out? (photo @torstenv_fotografie)

Sirinya Vintage Profile with Hat (photo @torstenv_fotografie)

Vintage Fashion as a Life Changer?

I’ ve admired people who have dressed retro for quite some time before. Particularly, I like Vintagemädchen by Victoria because I think she was the first vintage blogger that I’ve discovered. However, it took me a very long time to really make up my mind that I want to go retro too. I may still feel self-conscious about it now and then. Nevertheless, as I may have already mentioned in my very first post, I am still a beginner in vintage fashion. I haven’t even settled for a particular era or style that might suit me best. I like many styles and I would say I do fashion from the 1940 – 1970s at the moment.

However, there are probably still many things to be discovered on my journey into retro fashion! Admittedly, it has taken me a long time to make my first vintage purchases. Still there are some days when I question whether I am doing it ‘right’. However, the main reason why I have started with vintage fashion is because I am looking for a way out of my current situation.

A way to change the direction in my life, to make new contacts and to form new relationships with like-minded people. I just wish fashion to do for me what it has done for many others before: to alter their self-perception which in turn also changes the way other people perceive them. Of course, I am aware of the fact that I have to do a lot of internal work myself since it is not only the clothes that change you…

Vintage Fashion: A Way Out? (photo @torstenv_fotografie)

Vintage Fashion: A Way Out? (photo @torstenv_fotografie)

Personal Struggles…

I dare say I’ve always been a looner who has not really had friends in real life. Hence, I feel that I still have not found my way in life and to form good and lasting friendships and relationships with other people. Maybe it is my personality which is not engaging or open enough. However, I also believe that I am dealing with these problems because of my mom’s great attachment towards me.

What is more, I’ ve been dealing with a family tragedy. My dad has been in a coma for nearly 3 months now after a brain surgery with many complication. The doctors seem to have given up on him telling us he has no potential for a rehabilitation. Hence, they say it is unlikely that he will ever regain consciousness again and soon he will be relocated to a care home for coma patients.

I am not sure if anyone can understand in what kind of a situation I am in now. I’ve never felt a greater sense of desolation and it is like a part of my life is aching and slipping away.

In fact, this blog came to life because of the struggles and the tragic circumstances that I’ve been facing lately. This gives me a way of express myself on different levels and I dare say that vintage fashion has become a kind of refuge to me.


In point of fact, I’ve been living a quite isolated life which has become worse since the pandemic. Hence, I intend this blog to be a means to connect with others and I very much hope people are reading this. I am looking for opportunities to find a way out of this isolation. Perhaps I am on the right track and life will look differently a year from now…

I do hear from other vintage people that they interact a lot with others and receive compliments even on the streets. Sometimes it may also be unwanted attention but admittedly, something like this has never happened to me. Recently, I’ve had a positive experience that really made my day. A lady came up to me on the street and complimented me on my outfit. She said she finds this retro style so beautiful. I was positively surprised since I haven’t had anyone complementing me in a long time.

In a nutshell, my deep wish is to grow as a vintage blogger and to make new friendships. What is more, I do wish retro fashion to be a means for my personal liberation and growth. What are your experiences? Please let me know in the comments below.


Hi there! My name is Sirinya. I'm a passionate vintage blogger and I love to share with you my vintage fashion inspirations. I've started my journey into vintage about a year ago and I am still in the process of building a vintage inspired wardrobe. I also share a lot of style inspo on Instagram.

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