Vintage Seamstress of Bloomsbury Dress

Last year I’ve got a wonderful The Seamstress of Bloomsbury wrap dress secondhand on Ebay from the UK. This dress is from a former collection of the Seamstress. Hence, I love that it is literally a ‘vintage’ reproduction dress! I very much like the lightweight cotton fabric and the fresh floral print.

Retro Photo 'An Afternoon at Speicherstadt' (photo @floeriohh)

Sirinya Vintage, Retro Photo ‘An Afternoon at Speicherstadt’ (photo @floeriohh)

At the Speicherstadt Hamburg

However, I don’t know how the model of of this dress is actually called. Thus, I just refer to it as the ‘pink green floral print’. To me this dress just screams summer and I was happy to wear it to a shooting in the Speicherstadt Hamburg last summer.

Vintage Photo 'Like in Venice' (photo @floeriohh)

Vintage Photo ‘Like in Venice’, Dress by The Seamstress of Bloomsbury (photo @floeriohh)

I am quite a big fan of the Seamstress of Bloomsbury. Thus, I dare say it is my favourite retro reproduction brand so far. I also love the classic 1940s style Lisa-Mae dress which is a staple in my wardrobe. I like wrap dresses a lot because they are quite ‘flexible’. However, I am also a lover of shirt and sleeveless dresses.

Anyways, I feel the ‘pink green floral print’ vintage dress is the prefect companion for summer. Combined with a straw hat, it just looks marvellous. I like to wear these kind of 1940s fashion dresses with T-Strap pumps like these red ones in the picture below.

The Seamstress of Bloomsbury dress and red pumps (photo @floeriohh)

The Seamstress of Bloomsbury dress and red pumps (photo @floeriohh)

Venice Vibes

By the way, I think the Speicherstadt in Hamburg has some Venice vibes. Perhaps it is common knowledge but did you know that Hamburg has more bridges than Venice? I find this fact quite amazing, though I haven’t been to Venice yet. Anyways, this is just a little advertisement for the city I am living in! I very much enjoy shooting pictures in the Hafencity and Speicherstadt.

Sirinya Vintage at Speicherstadt, Hamburg (photo @floeriohh)

Sirinya Vintage at Speicherstadt, Hamburg (photo @floeriohh)

Look at this bridge and backdrop for instance. Is not it lovely? Just the perfect location for shooting a retro style outfit. I also think it is interesting to juxtapose a vintage outfit to a modern location. This amazing picture below was taken on a rooftop opposite to the Elbphilharmonie. What do you think about this one?

Retro outfit in modern location, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg (photo @floeriohh)

Retro outfit in modern location, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg (photo @floeriohh)

Last but not least, I dare say that this dress by The Seamstress of Bloomsbury comes quite close to a true vintage dress because of the nice 100% cotton fabric and the floral print. I’d like to get some white pumps or sandals to combine it with this summer. Do you have some more ideas on how to style this dress? Let me know in the comments below and also tell me what you like about Hamburg if you have visited here!


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