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I am Sirinya Vintage, a passionate retro blogger. On this blog I’d like to share with you vintage outfit inspirations. About a year ago, I’ve started my journey into the world of vintage fashion and have been posting on Instagram since. Hence, this new blog should serve as an extension of what I’ve been creating on Instagram so far.

Sirinya with vintage hat

Sirinya Vintage with vintage hat (photo @gillesfotografie)

A Process…

I am still in the process of building a retro wardrobe and certainly I cannot claim perfection. There are a few vintageinspired brands that I have really grown to love like The Seamstress of Bloomsbury and Pretty Retro, for instance. Well, I feel it takes me a very long time to aquire and purchase all I items that I’d need to perfectly accomplish my style! After all, I am on a budget. Hence, all things need patience and each person has his own pace, no?

Portrait of Sirinya with hat

Portrait of Sirinya Vintage with hat (photo @bjoerns_fotografie)

I would describe my style as predominantly vintageinspired and I own more reproduction clothes than true vintage ones. However, I’ve purchased a few true vintage handbags from the UK. I am quite happy with them and they are Ackery London ones from the early 1960s.

Nevertheless, I am not claiming to do an authentic vintage style but moreof a vintage inspired one. In terms of developing a vintage style, I am just growing and learning new things while finding out which style and era suits me best. Well, I haven’t settled for a particular era yet but I go for the fashion of the 1940s to 1970s. Anyways, I’d just love to share some good vibes, colourful outfits and the things I love. So, come along and follow me on this journey!

Summing up, I wish you have fun reading Sirinya Vintage’s blog. I also love to hear from you of course. So feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below or message me directly here or on social media.


Hi there! My name is Sirinya. I'm a passionate vintage blogger and I love to share with you my vintage fashion inspirations. I've started my journey into vintage about a year ago and I am still in the process of building a vintage inspired wardrobe. I also share a lot of style inspo on Instagram.

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